This cycle executed between 1990 and 1991 consists of six paintings, oil on canvas, that describe the intimate world of William Utermohlen. 

This excerpt from Pat's 2006 essay explains the context.


            In 1989 we moved to our present address in Little Venice and here began, what was to be his last series. The flat is on the second floor of a large 1847 stucco house bordering the Grand Union Canal in Little Venice, opposite Browning’s pond. It was a lateral conversion, so the rooms are large. When we moved we opened the space and put in roof lights. The main room has windows front and back as well as three huge roof lights. It is lined with book- cases to hold some of our extensive library and we painted the walls yellow. I have gone into this detail to explain my explanation of the pictures William painted which have since been called ‘The Conversation Pieces.’ These are the pictures discussed so eloquently by Dr Patrice Polini, Psychiatrist and friend. I see them a little differently. There is no doubt that William felt completely comfortable in the new space. He had a good studio, well lit and in which he would gather a few friends together to draw from the model, a practice he kept until he could no longer manage to hold  charcoal. I believe the pictures to be a celebration of our life together and until circumstances decreed differently, he painted persistently one after another, describing the warmth and happiness of our  new flat and the joy we took together in the companionship of our friends.



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00 utermohlen 1989 conversation-pieces hoxton-studio-ginny-button oil-on-canvas 1680x835mm col-boicos-paris



700 utermohlen 1989 conversation pieces hoxton studio ginny button oil on canvas 1680x835mm col boicos paris

Hoxton Studio (Ginny Button)

William Utermohlen, 1989

oil on canvas, 168 x 83.5 cm


01-utermohlen-1990-maida vale-oil on canvas-74x88cm 

Maida Vale

William Utermohlen, 1970

oil on canvas, 74 x 88 cm




William Utermohlen, 1990

oil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm




William Utermohlen, 1990

oil on canvas, 86 x 122 cm




William Utermohlen, 1990

oil on canvas, 152 x 122 cm




William Utermohlen, 1990

oil on canvas, 193 x 241




William Utermohlen, 1990

oil on canvas, 86 x 122 cm